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Some photographs of  fruits and veggies from kerala, the God's own country..Kerala the land which lies like a green strip along the south western part of India is blessed in natural vegetation and all kinds of landscapes from beaches to vast mountain ranges of the western ghats along with pleasant climatic conditions without much drastic changes in changing seasons..

Much of the vegetations and fruits are foreigners those who came at the times of colonization and invasions from the Portuguese, Dutch and the Britishers.. But the land have its own great wealth of valuable and rare herbs which are now going to the verge of extinction..I will try to get a collection of them for you sometime..Now lets taste some fruits....Hmm mind to wash your hands before food, Its H1N1 season all around..

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 Ripe Cashew Apples and cashew nuts..
Photographed from somewhere in Kannur Distict of Kerala..
Cashew nuts are used in various cuisines and often as snacks after frying and salting them, sometimes wrapped in chocolates. but not so common in chocolates for they are expensive, even some quality manufacturers of candies have products with cashews in.

You know the plant has medicinal values too for the seeds are powdered and used in anti venom for snakes and the nut oil is used as anti fungal and sometimes to treat cracked foots.In Brazil cashew fruit juice is much popular and in Malaysia the young leaf used in salads..   In goa a type of alcohol by fermenting the cashew apples is much famous, liquor named feny..In Tansania the liquor made of cashew nut apples are termed as Gongo and much stronger too..
In kerala there is much business going on Exporting of the Cashew nuts. Kollam district also known as the gateway to backwaters of kerala, acts as a hub in this industry..

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 Papaya, Papaya everywhere..A view from the street side fruit seller!!.
Taste of  food have much influence on their looks too..Hmm ..Studied somewhere before.. I think it has got the looks already..
The thing is not so simple as it looks if you consider its medicinal value.. The juice and latex of papaya is rich in enzymes that can break down proteins faster and help us digestion.. In some countries tinned meat is mixed with mixed papaya powder to help digestion. It also have healing effects and is used in cases of cuts, rashes, burns etc..The small seeds of papaya are edible and replaces pepper in some parts of Asia.. Papaya's unripe fruits are used in many dishes like salads,stews,curries etc..The fruits proven to be effective against liver cancer cells in experiments done in laboratories..

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 Mangoes cut in slices..A photograph from the street fruit Seller.

A fruit which is part of numerous cusines, used as flavors, used to eat alone in ripe and even raw condition with salt and pepper.. HMmm... No body will be there without tasting a mango yet.. Its used all over the world, in ice cream flavors, ketchup, fruit salads,milk shakes. Their are variety of mangoes which tastes different from variety to variety..

In India mango is cultivated from 1000s of years back..Their are still trees giving fruits which are older than 300 years..The antioxidant and nutrient content of this fruit is much much bigger and i will be writing on and on if i start on it. Mangoes are often termed as super fruits. A fruit which has proven nutrient and medicinal values along with outstanding deliciously and likeness of the customer is termed as super fruits by the sellers.. Mango is one among few of them..

brinjal or egg fruit photographed from home vegetable gardens in kerala india,closeup fruit photography with cell phone cameras, vazhutananga, vazhuthana, not bt vazhuthana, natural brinjal, indian fruit in BT dispute

Brinjal, also termed as egg plant fruit. A native fruit of India.
In Kerala the vegetable fruit is termed as 'Vazhuthana'

A much used veggie in our diet.. An edible and must have content of diets in India..A plant which grows in tropical and subtropical climates.Studies found out that the fruits are much effective to treat blood cholesterol...Some studies shows no effects too..Another funny fact is smokers can eat this, as a substitute to cigarettes..But you have to eat 9 kilos of brinjal to get the nicotine content from a single cigarette..No food can make the effect of direct smoking or passive smoking..

Photography done by Arun and Georjo with SonyEricsson cellphone Cameras
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