Mamallapuram,archaeological tourist place from Tamilnadu.Photos of stone carvings,rock carved temple,krishna's butter ball etc.cybershot photography

Welcome to one of the most enduring archaeological tourist spot in South India.. a place of much stone carved sculptures and ancient temples... The carvings are the depictions from the Hindu epics.. you can see huge rocks got entirely sculptured like the one just below and even a temple carved into a huge single rock...

The place will surely amaze you if you like ancient cultures and arts..This is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the state of Tamilnadu.A must see place in the map of South India tourism..The photos are taken with sonyericsson k810 cybershot cell phone..Just watch the marvells of a full rock used like a canvas to demonstrate incidents from the epics, and its named Arjuna's penance..

The next attractions are a whole temple carved into the center of a huge rock, and a huge ball rock balancing on the slope of an inclined rock and is named as Krishna's butter ball....Just walk around and feel them..

carvings+on+rock" This place should be loved by persons who are passionate about archeology and ancient cultures."

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

Lord krishna+Temple" The Single Rock Cut Marvell"
The entire temple is carved from a single rock. You can see great sculptural works in the walls of the temple inside.

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

beautiful+rock+carvings" The carvings in the walls of the temple"
How could these people do this carvings as simple as painting into a canvas in that ancient period?. Don't you think its marvellous...The rock wall sculptures are all some incidents from the Hindu holy books.. The characters are mainly representing Hindu Gods..

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

pointer+to+krishna%27s+butter+ball rock"Pointer to the huge rock termed as Krishna's Butter Ball"
The rock is a huge natural formation and is remaining in the slope as such for years. There is a strange belief regarding the rock that, " when ever the rock gets misplaced or fells down from that position the world will end". Do you wanna believe it?

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

huge+rock+called+as+krishnas+butter+ball" A close look of the huge stone"
Watch the feeble contact of the stone and the rock beneath. Seems like only a little contact there. Scientific observation is that the stone is balancing the weight proportionately and so its remaining in the place.

We went there and tried to push it, hmmmmm there was a slight movement!!!!!

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

More galleries are in the archieves..

Thanx for sparing some time with me.. cu soon back here...

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Mumbai Terrorist attacks-Photos of community prayers and candle posessions for peace.Photos taken by media personnels.

The scenes of prayers and grief after the brutal attack over Mumbai by terrorists. Emotional and touching pictures of the people paying prayers, photos during the candle posession for peace through the streets of Mumbai..The photos from the funeral of ATS chief Hemant Karkare who lost his life trying to save his country..Not him only a lot more officers died, during that black night in the history of India, including the NSG commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan who is a Keralite, ie from my place....

The Mumbai terrorist attacks.Some people says it was another 9/11 terrorism attacks in the history of India.War on terrorism by the governments have been declared after each and every terrorist attack is over. But the serious nature dies off in times, till the next terrorist attack is carried out..It seems we have to think of counter terrorism..

"Flooded Eyes Everywhere"
Hope the boon got by humans to forget may console in mean time..

Woman praying in a community prayer in mumbai behind candles...Can anybody find a remedy for these losses to our families and nation...Hope our government will take actions to prevent terrorism...But the Nations has to move together and determined, against these inhuman organizations.

Man Praying in Temple For His Fellow Humans And The Brave Hearts Who Lost Lives In The Fight With The militants in mumbai..

From The Funeral Of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare....

Some other brilliant officers of the Maharashtra police also lost their lives besides Karkare...

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan (NSG) ,The one from Kerala gave his life for his country and people..Let us pray for those brave hearts, who gave our lives back by sacrificing their life...

NSG COMMANdo Sandeep Unnikrishnan's funeralMajor Sandeep Unnikrishnan's funeral..
The NSG Commando died in Mumbai Terrorist attacks
We people of India salutes U

After The Battle..

NSG commandos watching from the balcony of Hotel TAJ MAHAL PALACE after their military operation..The militants are eliminated and one caught alive in the fight...Crores of Indians thanking you for giving back their lives...May God gave you the courage and strength to save and secure our country from these anti social elements..

Autograph Please.....Commandos...The Real Heroes OF Our Country

People gathered around a commando vehicle and getting autographs... These brave men served their country well, risking their lives...We Indians salute you ...

Rolling Tears and Burning Candles

A possession through the mumbai streets against terrorism...Praying for the souls of men who lost their lives in the attack...Even though prayers and condolences can't get back lost lives, lets do what we can for the victims, the brave soldiers and their families....

Be Proud To Serve Our Fellow Humans, Be Proud To Protect, To Take Care, To Love, To Respect......Proud To Be An Indian.....

The terrorists had thorough planning before the attack..The places were watched before the attack was planned... One of the Shot dead chef of TAJ called home before he died and said that his friend who turned out to be a terrorist shot him down...These people are getting into each and every corners of life.........They has no religion, No boundaries, No Humanity...Only One Destiny..Destruction till the End....

Keep our Youth from getting injected with its poison...Let the religious leaders teach its followers, mainly the youth, what the religion is meant for you and your fellows....Let us respect and take care of each other....

This post is my tribute To My Country And the Brave Soldiers who fought dead for our country...

And now Abdul Kasab, the Terrorist who got captured by the Indian commandos is undergoing trial under the Indian Judiciary.. The dramatic turning point is he accepted his crime and confessed, gave the names of Master Brains behind the attack who are living peacefully in Pakistan still.

Ironically the law in Pakistan found them as so innocent people who just learning to walk and freed them of all charges.Talks between India and Pakistan
about handing over the Culprits is still going on, have to wait and see..

May the Dispute and hatred is between nations, may it between religions, or may it between thoughts, "ALWAYS THE VICTIM IS THE COMMON MAN"..Hope you may have seen the BOLLYWOOD movie "WEDNESDAY"...

Am posting it late, for i want remember you from forgetting incidents like these so fast.....That our future generation may get saved from another MUMBAI ATTACK...

Has a previous gallery of photographs..But not so edible to see dead men and havoc..

.....Thought it's better to speak, than being silent..

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Automobile Show,photos of volvo XC60 suv with dissected body,S40 sedan,FH16 truck and depiction of co2 emissions and new safety features in Vehicles

Volvos, the automobile king who is the provider of world class safety and technology features in cars suv's, trucks and volvo buses. innovations are done in the field of emission, performance and safety.Hope the volvos electric and hybrid engines may give us a green planet for the future free of car emissions of poisonous gases.

Just giving you some photos of the Volvo automobile and safety features show which was held at the ocean race village in Cochin.. Photos of Volvo XC60 suv in body sliced form to exhibit the safety features taken in, Volvo s40 sedan, FH16 trailer and some safety features and emission test demonstrations.. Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix digital camera by Geo..

volvo XC60"Hey...Who Is The Surgeon Here!!!!!"
Volvo XC60

The side dissection of Volvo XC60 SUV...The car features advanced side collision protection and other safety features...The technologies are shared with Land Rover in this project..
ie the off road capabilities are done by Land Rover....Both gasoline and diesel engines are available....

volvo S40.jpg"The Predecessor of S80...The Volvo S40"

This one has three generations from 1995, 2004 and 2008..The 2008 one is here before you..The 2004 version was awarded as the best luxurious cars for the youngsters by Forbes.

This one is with slight addons and a sporty face lift on the 2004 version..Just has improved headlamps, interiors, audio system, emergency braking assists etc..

volvo FH16 trailor.jpg"Have you seen one like this....The FH16 trailer!!!"

The FH series is volvos mos successful heavy truck series..This FH16 is the latest offering with computer controlled manual gear shift..

The thing i noticed was there was only 2pedals, one for acceleration and another brake...Hmmm the clutch is missing, Of course it is not a mistake by Volvo, automatic gearshift no..

It will be difficult for the Volvo to have a test run of this one in our roads...Cant you see the ground clearance is too low..For our challenging roads in India Volvo has to do some researches..

volvo XC60"Volvo XC60..The monster in Safety And Power"

Are you wondering why i said it a monster in safety...Let me tell you something..Do you see the blue light glowing in front..Its nothing but a Rear End Collision detection sensor..The system is named as City Safety..

Ie around the speeds of 30kmps the vehicles sensor monitors chances for rear end collisions.If the collision seems to occur the car is braked automatically.. The goodis are not over..the car also features side impact protection,roll stability and traction control, patented side protective designs, hill descent control etc....

volvo+pavilion+at+volvo+ocean+race.jpg"Let Me Describe!!!.."

The lad explaining some interesting safety features integrated in their vehicles. The thing he said seemed interesting..He started by saying that more than 50% of road accident are due to a drunken driver.. And you wanna hear Volvo's solution for it!!!Hmmm the vehicle won't start if you are drunk..

How wana know? Their is a sensor hidden in the cabin near to driver which senses content of alcohol...And if the driver is drunk....vehicle is immobilized.. Dude... the company cares for your life!!!!

My advice to Volvo is, don't try to sell it here in kerala, for our drivers wont like it!!!!

co2+test+demo.jpg"The Child's Play...A Demo Kit To Test CO2 emission"

The device provides us option to select roots and speeds for some trailers and says us the amount of co2 emitted during the trip and the fuel efficiency...

The company is concerned to make the public aware of facts through these small demos..There was another thing like this which shows the resultant force generated when a car collides in various speeds..

For a sixty kg weighted man when collides at a speed of 70kmph, it showed his weight to be increased to above 5000 kgs, ie the resultant force of collision.

Joining you with more photos on volvo's hybrid engines, electric cars, engines and much more..

Meet here soon

Pixelshots...You can use the blog search at right side above of this post to get all posts on Volvo here..keep browsing..more and more in the archives.. cu soon.....

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MAHABALIPURAM temples and sculptures photographs --The Golden Remainings Of a Royal Culture.clicked with sony cybershot and walkman series cell phones

South India Tourism destinations, this place can't be avoided from the list of tourists and tour operators. Will come in with all tour packages of Tamilnadu tourism. The oldest temples and rocks along with the rock sculptures and carvings make this place a huge open sculpture museum of the Nature. If you are a tourist planing for an India tour you should visit this place.

Mahabalipuram, a place of great archaeological importance is one of the major tourist attractions in South India/ Tamil Nadu state. The place which proclaims the artistic and sculptural skills of the pallava dynasty is sometimes termed as an open air museum. The greatness of the place were hidden to the outer world since the 18th century, for the pallavas were not interested in outletting their talents to the outer world.

After the Buddha dynasty the pallavas were the strongest in south India till the end of 9th century.

The place ha so many remainings of the ancient pallava culture. The place was also known as mamallapuram which was named after the old pallava king Narasimhavarman who was also called mamalla (good wrestler). Its is belived that the city was founded by mamalla in the late 7th century.

Mahabalipuram was pallava's religious centre . The period of pallava dynasty was from 4th to 9th century.

mahabalipuram-shore-temple,old-indian-temples,tamilnadu,south-india-tours,rock-temples,sunset"Sun peeping through the dome sides of Shore Temple-A sunset snap from Mahabalipuram"

The temple is built in the sea shore and named as the shore temple. It is belived that there were 7 temples built along the shore and were termed as the 7 pagodas. The remaining one is this temple.

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

sea-shore+temple,beach-rock-temple,old-indian-temples,south-india-old-temples,rock-sculptues"The Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram"
The salt laden winds from the sea and the Sun has major part in eroding these monuments of a great ancient culture. This shore temple has its name listed among the World Heritage Sites Of UNESCO which pulls tourists from several parts of the world to this place.

The temple is full of beautifully carved stones resembling the hindu gods Siva vishnu Etc.. You can see so many stone carvings of Nandi in the front of the Temple.

Photo By: Sreerag
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus mode: Auto

Mahabalipuram-temples,tamilnadu-temples,cultural-monuments,Protected-monuments,beach-temple,tamilnadu-tourism,rock-temples,towers-of-indian-temples,pallava-temples" The Shore Temple- A Front View"

Photo by:Georjo

Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

arjuna's-penance,huge-rock-sculpture-indian-old-rock-sculptures,pallava-sculptures,indian-rock-sculptures,protected-rocks"Place Called The Arjuna's Penance..A huge Canvas on ROCKS. I wonder who was the Sculpturer."
About this rock sculpture so many intusions are there. The content of this sculpture is  surely from the Hindu Mythologies, and is most commonly referred as Arjuna's penance.But different opinions are still there.

Look at the carvings done beautifully on the huge rock. A symbol enough to show the artistic and sculptural skill of the old dynasty. Can you imagine people who makes carvings on these huge rocks without any modern technologies to cut or shape the rocks. They emerged successful in encarving their religious believes and moments from the Hindu holy books there in the stones, which looks like a huge canvas to us.

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

rock-carvings,mahabalipuram-rocks,protected-monuments,mahabalipuram-sculptures,archaeological-monuments"A Part Of The Huge Canvas"
The Elephants carved into the Rock in Mamallapuram

Photo by:Georjo
Camera:SonyEricsson Cybershot K810 (3.15 mp)
Focus mode: Auto

This temples and premises tells us much about the artistic skills possessed by the people lived here.. The gallery is not over. More Mahabalipuram Photos are in other postings.Do you know this place is termed as open museum for the art is depicted not in a room but in the landscape of a region.Hope you may have enjoyed the Carved rock paintings and those old Indian temples.

Thank you for your time, spend here. Meet up again.

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Jaina temple-Gujarati street-MAttancherry-Kerala.Jainism Facts &Photos of jaina temple,jaina Gods,pigeons etc.

Photos of the Jain Temple of mattancherry /cochin/ Kerala.. The temple and premise owned and maintained by the Gujarati society in Mattancherry..The rituals and beliefs of Jainism is quiet lovely for they give stress to ahimsa- non violence.. You can watch the surroundings of the jaina temple, the inners, jaina god photos, pigeon groups photos etc.

If you are a tourist and planing to visit cochin- Kerala just include this place of jainism too for you are likely to come to Mattancherry town to see the dutch palace and all, and the jain community is living very near to it around these temple premises.

jaina temple in kerala near mattancherry town in the Gujarati street cochin kerala,old jain temple-kerala-india,jain-temple-photos-cochinThe front View Of the Jain Temple

Jains believe that vegetarianism as a part of non-violence. They watch this principle in their deeds and thoughts and considers even upsetting another person as breaking of non-violence.

Even when sweeping floors they walks in barefoot and watches the floor carefully to avoid hurting any other forms of life like insects or ants.

jaina gods or role models of jainism thirthankaras sculpture inside the jain temple of cochin kerala,keralas 100 year old jain temple inside photos from cochinShahan Devi of Jain Religion.

The tirthankaras are not Gods but the role models of Jainism who have achieved the ultimate aim Moksha for their souls.Jains believe in no ultimate controller or super power of the universe, and believes that universe has no beginning nor ending and the life goes on it..

indian jaina temple at kerala cochin,jainism-in-kerala,old-kerala-jain-temple-photosInside The Jaina Temple Cochin-Kerala

The Jains has some practices like wearing cloth covering over the mouth when reading books in any holy deeds to avoid spilling saliva on the text while reading.. Also by covering the mouth and nose they intends to keep insects from entering their mouth or nose to avoid killing them unintentionally. The jains only drinks boiled water..

old buildings around the jain temple of cochin kerala,kerala-jain-templesFrom The Premises Of the Temple....

Their are peoples of the jain community living around the temple premises..

Both Hinduism and Jainism have similarities in some of their religion's concepts like Karma and Reincarnation of life..

Some strives of Hindus are said to be influenced by the jains and has became vegetarians..

The jain monks and nuns have many practices which may seem awkward to us.The male Digambara monks wears no clothes and keeps their body nude, for they believes in non-attachment to the body..

Shwetambara monks use white non-stitched clothes.. the Digambara monks stands in a place on one foot and eats in their palms without any utensils used, and they eats only once a day...

The jain monks and nuns travels on foot and never uses any mechanical means of transport..

pigeons feeding food,large folk of pigeons found near jain temple mattancherry kerala,jain-temple-pigeons-cochinThe pigeon folks of Cochin Jain Temple. Absolutely fearless.

I could get in soo close to them to get this snap and slow movements of people around them are not at all a trouble to them.. If u makes a sudden move they will fly over together as a group...

Jains has great love and care towards the fellow forms of life , whether animals or plants. They runs animal shelters around India where they care all type of animals.

pigeons flying around the cochin jain temple in kerala india,birds-in-templesThe Pigeon Cover For The Jain Temple..

These pigeon groups keeps flying around the Temple occasionally as if they are guarding the Temple. The sky above the temple has always the presence of these pigeons....

Photographed by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810 (2mp)

Tags: Pigeons pigeon photos Jainism jain temple mahavir pigeon lofts jain india temples temples in India temple kerala pilgrimage tourist places jains mattancherry kerala tourism

Will be back soon.
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Photos on places in Kerala.Images of sunset from marine drive ernakulam, st angelo's fort of Kannur,river in kannur,elephant and bright orange flower

Scenic Picture from the southern Indian state Kerala renowned in tourist maps as "The God's Own Country"..The photos were not meant to post and share like this at the time they are taken..but were taking as it comes in some journeys and some leisures..

You are welcome to have a look on the images of the sunset from marine drive of Cochin, St Angelo's fort from Kannur district, rivers in Kannur, elephant photo and a bright orange flower from the home gardens.

baeutiful sunset from marine drive cochin in eranakulam district of south indian state kerala"Sunset from Marine Drive At Ernakulam"

Now we are at Ernakulam district of State Kerala..To be more precise we are now at one of the hot spots of the town, the MarineDrive. The place gives some space for leisurely chats and relaxing from the busy life in the city..The town has a few parks in the center with the same purpose.. Their are shopping malls and food courts nearby these places..

The island seen at the other side is Wellington and also you can se lights on the docked ships out their in the ports...

Photo by:Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

kannur fort,one of the oldest forts in kerala built by the portuguese,st angelos fort high boundary wall"St Angelo's Fort At Kannur"

Now we are at Kannur, One of the northern districts of Kerala. This fort is also known as Kannur Kota and is situated 3kms away from kannur town facing the Arabian sea.

The fort was built in 1505 by the first Portuguese viceroy of India. Later it fall from hands to hands and at last the British conquered the fort and began using for their military purposes.

This is now one of the main tourist attractions in Kannur. The tourists will get detailed explanations from the guides, and the place is secured by the police..

Photo by:Sreerag
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

soldier barracks photographs from the old fort of kannur in kerala,st angelos fort"Soldier Barracks From The Kannur Fort"

you people can walk through these long tunnel like barracks. their are many trenches, Canons, Oil light house, Gravestones, Huge stairways, Watch towers etc in the fort. One side of the fort is the Arabian sea.. you can get a good view of splashing waves of the sea from the top of the fort walls..

Its a must see if you are going to Kannur district in Kerala

Photo by:Sreerag
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

rivers in kerala photos,river photo taken from a bus passing through a bridge over it,photographed from kannur district of kerala"The Vast River Course"

Photo taken during a bus journey somewhere from Kannur district.. Our state Kerala is blessed with so many rivers flowing through its veins.. Even then the state is now having scarcity of water for hydro electric plants and irrigation..

Photo by: Arun
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus Mode: Auto

indian elephant tusker photograph from kerala"The Mighty Indian Tusker"

A tusker an inevitable part of all the festivals in temples here..

Camera:SonyEricsson C902 (5mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

closeup photo of flower,bright orange coloured flower from the gardens"The Orange Fullstop "
Photo by:Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson W810i(2mp)
Focus Mode:Auto

This post is just a leisurely act. I haven't yet covered any of the main Tourist attractions of the State Kerala like the waterfalls, Wildlife sanctuaries, Forts and Palaces, backwaters and house boats, Festivals, arts like Kadhakali etc.. Am looking forward into doing some serious posts covering all these attractions... Not yet...But sooooon.....Thank you friends for sparing some time here..

If you want to see some more palaces like the Dutch Palace in Cochin, and the Jew Street of Mattancherry follow the links just below

Dutch Palace-Mattancherry

Jew Street Cochin

These are places of historical importance and is worth your visit if you are once in Kerala......

Stay glued to the Pixelshots.. The real posts from kerala is still to come..

See you again friend.. Keep visiting..


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Hogenekkal Photographs,the water falls in river kauveri.Pictures of basket boat river journey,the wild river currents,closeup view of the water falls.

You have to start from the previous post of hogenekkal if you landed right here..I don't have words to describe this place other than awesome and breathtaking..The lap of nature where she may give u a journey through her wild mysterious beauty..

If you are a tourist and ever plans to come to south India, don't miss this place..The place you seeing now is in the midst of summer, when the river is not in her fury...If you like rafting and diving into deep water, this place is ideal for you..

wild river adventure boat journey,basket boats moving through fast river current in hogenekkal a tamilnadu tourist spot in south india"The wild green water current"
Their are two parts for the journey. Now we are going to the main place where the actual fun begins. ie now we are in one of the branches of the river stream which is joining to the main stream..

Photo by: Prejith
Camera: Cyber Shot DSC W35(7mp)
Focus mode:auto

fast green river water current in kauveri river tamilnadu,photograph taken from basket boat journey in a tour trip"The Fast River Current"

The ride is bumpy and is very fun. The boatmen have to direct the boat through the current. Look at the green water, it is very cool- cool in all sense. All of us were really enjoying the boat journey..if you are afraid of rivers, you don't need reason to get a bit nervous when in one of those boats..But believe me its more like a caterpillar ride in an amusement park..The difference is just this is in the Natural way..
Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

hogenekkal falls,waterfalls in kauveri river in tamilnadu,river falls from rocks"Hmmm we are going near the water falls..At this time we didn't knew the intension of the boat men.."

Don't expect the falls will be like this if you are there just after the monsoon.The rocks won't be seen as you are seeing now, ie if you are in a boat in this place at the time of monsoons, your boat will be floated above these rocks and your life won't be anymore in the hands of that boat men rather than God..

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

water falls in hogenekkal tamilnadu,india,photograph taken in a tour trip"OOPs now i got some signal... The people in the first boat are wet now. the boat men just showed up the boat under a small falls there."

If the river is in its fury you wont be going this much close as we went, for it will be THE END". Hey don't be afraid!! Your boatmen know all the whereabouts of the river.

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

close photograph of the hogenekkal water falls while journey in basket boat"HMMM its our turn now to get wet.We people were sitting with our arms in our head. But all went in vain..Finally we were all wet. And it was just the starting............."

Hey don't think the boatmen are mischievious to all types of people. They know we are youngsters and like some fun in the ride and we enjoyed it mostly..

I have to say this photo is a risky shot for we are under the falls now and were getting wet. The phone too got socked and got some water inside. Anyway the risk took by the photographer gave us this close look of the falls. You can see the main falls too in the picture.

Photo by: Joji
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

...........Sorry guys the real adventure of the journey started from here...We were unable to capture the main moments for we don't have a water resistant camera. We people were splashing water to other boats and they were splashing on us. In no time all of us were totally wet and even the Basket boat got filled with water.

It was like a game and even the boatmen were splashing water each other. We even made a strategy to attack, when the water fight got furious. We were divided to two groups and one group started emptying the water in the boat and the others started attacking the neighboring boats by splashing water with our foot wears. It was great fun throughout.

Before coming to this place our tour guide insisted us not to take bath and not to wear good dress.All of us felt strange and inspite of the advice, we had our bath and were in good dress.We got the meaning of our guide 's words only when the journey turned to a water fight........And it was fun..really fun..Gifted us with one of those memorable events of college life..

The posts is not yet over..It has a continuing and previous gallery..Just click on there too to be complete..

Joining you with the continuation of this photo gallery in the next post...By pixelshots..

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Test Snaps with a Panasonic Lumix Digi Cam; photos of Flowers,Cute little red fruits,Honey bee, iron fence & maruti suzuki hatch back car Wagnor.

This gallery has the photos snapped with Panasonic Lumix, the 6MP digital camera.Most of the photos are taken as a part of testing the camera performance. The camera proved to be a good performer in the overall rating. Photos are snapped holding the camera in my bare hands with the optical zoom for certain shots, and the image stabilization seemed to work satisfactorily.

The camera is of 6 mega pixels with an optical zoom of 3x. The device boast of Leica lens and hasn't disappointed me, for the performance was up to the mark. Overall the battery life also seemed to last for more than an average digital camera would get.

Even though, we cant handle a digital camera to take snaps as easy as we are doing with the cell phone cameras. If you are enough familiar with the settings of the device to make manual configuration for a shot, no wonder you will make breath taking photos. Its more sophisticated device and needs more attention, care and knowledge for better results.

Of course you can use the auto shooting mode to take pictures, but there are conditions where a manual setting would make great difference.

The camera was only for a few days with me, so i couldn't figure out the whole potential.

Bright Red Fruits in a Thorny Plant, Photographed from Kerala 

bright orange fruits closeup photograph taken with panasonic digital camera"What you noticed first???? The red cute fruits or the thorns behind them..........."

Am sure you noticed the red ones...Its common with all of us humans to always see the beautiful ones without noticing the dangers or thorns behind them..
The plant was seen beside a pond near to my house and catched the attraction of my curious eyes searching for something interesting..The result is before you..

Photo by: Georjo
Focus Mode: Macro

The Spiky Iron Fence, 
iron fence closeup photo taken with digital camera of panasonic lumix"The silent, yet deadly guard in the fence"

Taken from the boundary walls of my house. The atmosphere was not so bright and i wanted to test the camera's focusing capability. You can see that the background of the subject is also similar to its color. Eventhough the camera has done a good job.

Photo By: Georjo
Focus Mode: Macro

Bright Orange Dahlia Flower from Gardens of Kerala
flower closeup photograph taken from home garden,cute orange coloured dalia flower"What do you feel about this cute beautiful slice of the flower,Found it more interesting in this view"

One snap from the experiments done with the flower in my garden. She would have shouted at me for such a long and irritating photo shoot, if she had a mouth. Any way i managed to get some good photos for her memory. By the time of this posting the flower is disappeared in the unevitable state of life cycle, ie Death..For her loving memory let the photo be here..

Photo By: Georjo
Focus Mode: Macro

Honey Bee near Devadaru Flower
honey bee closeup photo from home garden,honeybee trying to get honey from a devadaru flower in home garden"Can you See a Pilot Without a Plane...Trying for a crash landing i think..he is a PIRATE...HONEY PIRATE.The flower will get looted now!"

I was fortunate enough to get the bee captured in the photo.Thanks to the shutter speed of the camera..The bee get frustrated seeing me with the camera, and dashed away from the scene in no time. The leaves are of Devadaru and tiny white flowers under them was the bee's target!

Photo By: Georjo
Focus Mode: Macro

The Car photo snap- Red Maruthi-Suzuki Wagnor LXi
Maruthi Suzuki Waganor,car photograph showing a close snap of the automobile front grill"The Maruti Suzuki Waganor Lxi"

The only angle from which i liked the look of my car!!! My home car.Telling about it.. Nice and comfortable for a home ride.. Strictly not for a sporty rash ride, for the car has a side drift due to its body height if sharp curves are done above 40kmph. Above 110kmph there will be vibration in the steer. Any way depends on the road, if the lane is good enough you may drive over that!Here in Kerala its not easy to find one.

Photo By: Georjo
Focus Mode: Auto

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Photos of sunset,red rose flower,almond,thetty flower, photos in landscape closeup and macro mode

Another amateur photo gallery of Flowers like rose, thetty, the almond tree trunk,Setting sun- and the tender leaves of a plant in the morning rays of the sun etc..Just a post for photography taken in macro and closeup mode using mobile phone cameras of cell phone brands like SonyEricsson of walkman and cybershot series..

medicinal flower sarpagandhi or sarpagandha in kerala india,herb which is used to treat high blood preassure.photograph of medicinal flower indian snake root having botanical name rauvolfia serpentina a medicine for high blood pressureA medicinal flower named Sarpagandhi or Sarpagandha in Malayalam..The Indian Snake root, a flower of medicinal value and used in treating high blood pressure..The flower is usually seen in the trunks of the tree, it grows out in stems and blooms in the tip of the stems..

Photo by: Arun
Camera : SonyEricsson K750i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Macro

tree trunk photograph,big almond tree photographed from downside"Miles and miles to go before i sleep.....Hey not my thought... thought of an ANT trying to get to its nest over the tree top"!!!!!!!!!.....
Snap of a Badam Tree trunk from the ground...

Photo by: Arun
Camera : SonyEricsson K750i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Macro

flower red rose closeup photo from home gardens,photography in macro lens mode of the digital cell phone camera" Rose petals soaked in the Rain"
Photo by friend from his garden

Photo by: Arun
Camera : SonyEricsson K750i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Macro
tree with spread out branches and a few leafs photographed with sunset in the background horizon,a picture from calicut district kerala"The setting sun and the Tree which has sheded its leaves"...
Both of them has a better tomorrow with a bright sun rise and budding fresh green leaves....
The snap taken from a place near to our colleage....

Photo by: Sreerag
Camera : SonyEricsson W810i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Auto

tender  light green leafs of a garden plant photographed in the morning sunlight"The budding tender leaves of a plant in the morning sunlight...Can you see innocence in the newly born cute little leaves.. Everybody is born innocent".
Snap from our hostel surroundings..

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricssonK810 Cybershot (3.15mp)
Focus Mode: Macro

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